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Five County Trap Loan Project

Landowners in Anson, Davie, Haywood, Montgomery, and Randolph Counties who have feral swine on their property can apply to borrow a high-end corral trap through the Five County Trap Loan Program. This pilot program is intended to provide effective tools to landowners so they have the best chance of controlling feral swine on their land and the damage they cause. 


The five counties were chosen through a series of listening sessions with landowners reporting feral swine and damage in their area, reports of sightings and damage made to the Task Force's partners, and input from wildlife biologists noting impacts to wildlife. Funding through the U.S. Farm Bill has allowed the Task Force to purchase 50 corral traps to develop a pilot trap loan program in these counties. Applicants with feral swine problems will complete a survey of affected damage to crops or animal farming, and if approved the applicant will receive training to use a trap, receive a trap on loan to eliminate feral swine at affected locations, and complete post-trapping surveys to measure success of the loan project or the need to repeat trap loan at the location if feral swine return.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the contact form at the bottom of the page; mention that you have property in in one of the participating counties and are interested in feral swine removal assistance.

Five Counties Highlighted_Map.png

The goals of this project are:

1.    Survey locations requesting assistance through a trap loan program for damage and feral swine population estimates within target areas. 

2.    Reduce and or eradicate the feral swine population by trap and removal.

3.    Reassess the amount of crop, animal farming, and indigenous wildlife damage post-feral swine removal.

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