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Sampson County Feral Swine Eradication and Control Project

Sampson County was selected to be the testing ground for development of a statewide feral swine management program due to reports of crop damage and high risk to livestock operations there. The southern portion of the county in particular is prone to feral swine damage due to the large number of agricultural operations, feed plots and water sources. Goals of the project include:


1.  Assess damages experienced by landowners, including crop damage, disease outbreaks, and impacts to surface water, flora, and fauna.


2.  Reduce the feral swine population by sharing effective control methods with landowners and providing direct removal assistance to participating landowners. 


3.  Measure effectiveness of the effort over time by working with participating landowners to complete follow-up damage assessments.

Interested Sampson County Landowners


How do you benefit by participating?

By participating in the project, landowners in Sampson County are eligible to receive professional swine removal services at no charge. Participants may receive compensation for any landfill fees when disposing of feral swine carcasses. Additionally, participants in this program can provide valuable feedback on changes that could make a statewide feral swine management program more effective.


What we need from you?

Participating landowners must complete an initial survey and work with feral swine management specialists to assess damages, place and maintain traps, and remove feral swine from their property.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the contact form at the bottom of the page and mention that you have property in Sampson County and are interested in feral swine removal assistance.

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